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  General description  

 How can I make my in-house laundry more efficient?   

 How can I improve the way we handle linen from the outside laundry? 

Whether you have an in-house hotel laundry or outsource linen management to an outside laundry, in this course, you'll learn to identify all the factors that play a part in laundry operations.  

  We'll introduce you to methods for the treatment, control, and management of linen, specifically for hospitality.


  Learning goals 

    By the end of the course, you'll have gained knowledge of the basics and organizational guidelines to help you achieve more efficient laundry.


     Course content 

  •   Module 1: Factors in washing linen 
  •   Module 2: Washing chemicals 
  •   Module 4: laundry equipment 
  •   Module 5: Laundry Organizing the physical space 
  •   Module 6: Working Methods 
  •   Module 7: Fabric Technology 


       AIMED AT  

Cleaning staff managers and those responsible for hotel linen. Hotel & catering students Laundry staff 

            You decide your pace of learning About 6 hours  
180 €

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